StarTrek Whitepaper V1.0

We Are On Cusp Of A Blockchain And NFT-enabled Metaverse

— — Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

StarTrek is a project with the ability to utilize the power of the blockchain and decentralization in order to infinitely expand upon and honor the true vision of a new financial paradigm. The time has come and we have expanded beyond the horizon, choosing our time and place to make a stand. The free and decentralized people of the Earth have chosen to colonize the stars. Our vehicle for a democracy beyond the earth STARTREK SPACEPORT, a virtual world that will exist as a space to host data and ideas within the blockchain. Creating new visual and audio adaptations to further NFTs as representations of real world space and concepts tied to VR within the existing framework. As well as a hub for marketing, entertainment, gamification and education.

All free citizens of the planet and those integrated with the power of the blockchain will be offered the chance to own space in this new paradigm. We boldly unite to engineer change and overcome the machinations of an unfair economic system, free choice is what matters to uplift the hearts of a populous, your ideas represented in a new and ever expanding way, everyone will have the chance to be part of this. Our launch was the fairest in cryptocurrency history, the project has no team allocations and zero tokenomics. StarTrek is a project dedicated to the people that believe in its vision and community.

1. StarTrek Ecosystem


STREK is an BEP-20 utility token powered by BinanceSmartChain that serves the utilities as the basis within the StarTrek ecosystem. STREK plays a vital role in StarTrek’s virtual space and can be used for transactions within the ecosystem and to participate in the management of its software. Tokenomics is simple as that. No pre-sale, No team token, 100% to the community.


SPACE is a non-fungible, transferrable digital asset representing starships and any other virtual estates of the StarTrek Metaverse. Players can create, buy/sell, monetize and upgrade digital starships with STREK. SPACE is used to define the ownership of digital starships.


The Starships are designed specifically to fulfill its role. There are several types of Starships, but we present major four types of Starships in the StarTrek ecosystem-Terran, Zerg, Hiryu, Protoss Starships.


Every Starships has its own mutable, immutable properties. Immutable properties — Deterrence, war, conflict, repression, protection properties, other–Immigration, exploration, transportation, navigation.


Virtual Starships have passive income which will come from the vault contract.


Universe is a gamified 3D virtual space metaverse which is a part of the StarTrek ecosystem. Universe is like more than a star map. The StarTrek Metaverse consist of planets and Starships which will be the core virtual billboards for art and marketing viewable in the space surrounding the planets and represented within. Additional stars and galactic discoveries can be added and monetized as the space is built upon and concept evolves bridging the tangible and virtual worlds.


Profile is a graphical representation of players in the virtual space metaverse. Players can load their personal information, even social media profiles. Also, it represents how many Starships they own, how much STREK tokens they have. Further building engagement and collaboration within the ecosystem. There are more possibilities that will be implemented as well in the future.

StarTrek DAO

STREK tokens within the StarTrek ecosystem will be allocated for voting within a DAO — decentralized autonomous organization structure, ensuring the project is self-sustaining and has no owner at the helm. It was a fair launch without team tokens or allocations so in this sense everyone in StarTrek is an investor including the team, everyone is on equal footing and shares a vested in interest in the success of the project. STREK holders have power to create proposals and vote on them to drive the project.


We build our own digital estate marketplace in conjunction with development of the StarTrek metaverse and ecosystem, the marketplace enables participants to manage and exchange SPACE NFTs, priced in $STREK. Owners can use the marketplace for secondary sales and to transact or transfer virtual Starships and other in-game items such as wearables and living modules.

2. Framework


With blockchain technology, every digital Starships and other virtual estates in the StarTrek ecosystem can be tokenized, having rights to trade, sell, or gift their items. Players are the perpetual owners of their digital assets. Blockchain allows them to have true ownership and allow them to monetize and freely trade their assets.


Players can earn passive income by owning virtual Starships. Virtual Starships have the static initial APR (i.e., 20%) and APR can be upgraded by paying STREK tokens. Players are rewarded with STREK tokens without staking NFTs, just by owning virtual Starships. Rewards go into the Starships and players can claim STREK tokens whenever they want. Means that virtual Starships are owning STREK tokens inside them. Selling Starships without claiming rewards, having more worth of STREK tokens inside of Starships.


The below roadmap is only for technical stuff and marketing & community parts are all belonging to the StarTrek Family.


• CoinMarketCap Listing

• CoinGecko Listing

• Multiverse Launch

• Website Launch

• Whitepaper 1.0 Release


• StarTrek NFT Contract

• StarTrek NFT Build

• StarTrek NFT Marketplace

• STREK Contract Audit

• Github Open Source

• CEX Listing


• StarTrek Beta V1.0 Release

• StarTrek DAO Launch

• Metaverse 3D Migration

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No pre-sale, No team token, 100% to the community.